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In the core of our very being, we are beasts of prey. The real truth of the world is that even humans function within the ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm.

Many of us vehemently subscribe to this view and justify competition in the world. Wars, mayhem and rioting are also seen as evidencing the truth of this unfortunate law of life.

Yet, in every calamity, there are stories of great courage, empathy and something totally self-transcending. No wonder our scriptures write that we approach the kingdom of grace only by leaning upon the arm of another we have helped. because at our very core, we are love, kindness and empathy.

This is also the very nature of the creative Omnipotence, the Universe.

Even famous thinkers write that charity itself is an act of selfishness as we do it to bring happiness to ourselves or to further some other motive.

The truth is that if we look at humans as only flesh and a thinking mind, no doubt the entire spectrum of human values is reduced to biology. Happiness too is reduced in stature to being only a synonym for pleasure.

However, if life is looked at through a spiritual lens, the picture becomes clear.

Pursuit of happiness and pursuit of pleasure become separate purposes. One self-transcending and the other one of physical or mental joy.

Accounts of some prisoners in concentration camps, going to great lengths to help others at personal peril, of people risking lives to save the victims in riots point to a far deeper instinct that that of survival. There is a story of prisoners doing construction work in Japanese prisons during world war II. One day, as the shovels are being counted at the end of the day, one shovel is found to be short. The Japanese soldiers angrily line up all the prisoners and ask the one who has stolen the shovel to come out. None comes. Finally, the Japanese announce that all prisoners are to be executed. As they begin loading their rifles, one prisoner comes forward and admits that he had stolen the shovel and hidden it. He is executed. When the shovels are taken to the prison camp and counted once again, it is seen that the first count was in error. Shovels had been wrongly counted by the guards!

This sacrifice to save fellow prisoners is also an instinct in us.

Is there a yardstick which might help us in making the right choice of a purpose of life?

Such stories give an insight to a far greater instinct resplendent inside every soul. A yearning to be in tune with the very nature of the Omniscience. A joy of self-transcendence.

Edgar Cayce says that the yardstick lies in the ‘why’ of our action and not in the action itself. A Mother’s scold to her child stems from a very noble purpose of the child’s growth.

A purpose which transcends any selfish goal, something which seeks to enhance is what life is all about.

That is what makes us who we really are.

A self transcending purpose.

22 thoughts on “WHAT IS A LIFE OF PURPOSE?

  1. I loved the story about the Japanese camp….except for the one man getting killed πŸ™‚

    The dark have woven lack, limitation, separation, pitting people against each other, etc. for their own agendas of power, control, profit, etc. It is this that brings the fallacy of survival of the fittest. It serves their purposes. The divine design was and will be once again….truth, serving the greater good, following cosmic law, Oneness and abundance. Darkness is not inherent in humans but has been put their by DNA manipulation and lies by the dark woven into all systems of the planet.

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    • I agree with you completely. The one man who died in the story illustrates the deeper, purer instinct of the human. Sacrifice as against survival.
      When we are made in the image and likeness of the universe, how then can our natures be different?
      I agree with you that darkness is just ignorance of the truth.
      Thank you for your words, as always.


      • In my understanding and experience many many lifetimes working to shut down THE dark…not darkness, they have altered the original design of humans and controlled every aspect of life in order to keep humans from the truth, separate from Source and reacting in such dark ways. It is not part of the Divine design of humanity. That is yet another lie spun by the dark to keep humans from the truth…that they were designed only for live and light.

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  2. I’m also overwhelmed by the story of the man who sacrificed his life, knowingly.
    That is a master level act. I have often thought about these acts particularly in concentration camps or prison situations.
    Recently we had a major riot in one of the toughest prisons in my country.
    Elite forces went in to quell the prison uprising. I cowardly could not dwell on the story but i often think of the minds and how they plotted the uprising to bring conditions into the open air. I can’t even imagine my mind functioning in such a scenario of the survival of the fitness.
    Reading the japanese prisoner’s decision to make the sacrifice I feel how he stepped into his purpose to save his little world. Terribly chilling and heartbreaking at the same time.
    On the otherhand I could feel the prayer, choose me, take me, give me the strength, I’m ready to be released.
    So I’m comforted that he didn’t have to suffer any more or rise the next morning in a hell hole. He was free, dancing with the angels.
    This was comforting for me.
    ●Yet, in every calamity, there are stories of great courage, empathy and something totally self-transcending. No wonder our scriptures write that we approach the kingdom of grace only by leaning upon the arm of another we have helped. because at our very core, we are love, kindness and empathy.●

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  3. Only the fittest Survive? – I agree. But who are the fittest when the “fittest” have destroyed each other in nuclear War and pollution. Perhaps some Nomads up in the Hamalayas or the Rainforests?


    • Absolutely I would love to. Every post of yours is fit for a reblog. The quality of your writing is so good.
      I only need to search for a post which goes with the theme of my blog.
      I’ll do it.
      My very very best

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