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The term ‘light’ in spiritual parlance is more often than not an allegoric reference. Not generally referring to tangible illumination, rather to the inner dispelling of lack of knowledge of the true self. An enlightened person is the one who truly understands the only truth of the world. That of oneness of all there is, that of the singularity of the source and our indelible connection to everything, every person.

The scriptures say that the ‘naam kelaah’ or the creative power resides in every human body. But in a state of rest or sleep.

“Dehi mein is ka bisraam’.

(It lies resplendent, resting inside the human body)

The term ‘awakening’ arises from this resting state of the infinite force. For awakening something, it has to be sleeping. This awakening takes place through the meditation of deep surrender. I will write in detail about this meditation in another post.

Coming back to the point, the most powerful, the only infinite power of the Universe must show some tell tale signs in a person who has received even an iota of awakening. After all, this force is which creates and sustains universes, dimensions and all of creation.

That is why the scriptures refer to some of these signs in an awakened person. One of these is the actual sighting of a divine light in the aura of the person. However, not everyone can see this. Only a rare person can do so. Many people may however have varied reactions when they meet such an awakened soul. They may even feel inner peace by just looking at the photo of this person. I have seen people cry spontaneously or cough mildly or have an inexplicable gentle feeling in their bodies, when such a person passes close by.

My great spiritual teacher had only started a seminar on spiritual awakening when a lady entered the hall. She had never seen or met him. She hadn’t even come for the seminar. She was passing by and felt the urge to enter the room. As soon as she saw him, she ran towards him and sat on the ground. Called him the great master, the prophet and what not. She had seen a great light of God around him, as she described it.

There are many such experiences, which I could narrate.

The awakened person does radiate inner light wherever she goes, because the inner power has awakened and it must reflect off and on. More so in his own character and conduct.

However, beware! Not every feeling or experience with a person is one of divinity. It can stem from many sources, even lower.

Here is a parable which explains the issue

One day the Sun and a Cave struck up a conversation. The Sun had trouble understanding what “dark” meant and the Cave didn’t quite get the hang of “light and clear” so they decided to change places.
The Cave went up to the Sun and said,

“Ah, I see, this is beyond wonderful. Now come down and see where I have been living.”

The Sun went down to the cave and said, “Gee, I don’t see any difference.”

When the sun went down, it took its light along and even the darkest corners were illuminated. That’s why the Sun couldn’t see any difference.
There is a quote from an old book that says, “The enlightened ones can never be sent to hell or pushed into darkness. They carry their heaven on their shoulders all the time”.

We thought that heaven is a place where we are supposed to go. More than a place, it is an inner awakening.
If you are full of darkness within, you become a Cave unknowingly. It’s hell within and no matter how much you accumulate, you still remain hollow.
If you are illuminated like the Sun, then the darkness of the cave wouldn’t matter.
You’ll be carrying your Heaven with you.


  1. Wonderful article, it is interesting to see halos around the heads of men in ancient paintings.. I do believe this is the representation of an aura. ♥️

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  2. Parneet, it’s so good to read yet another enlightening post from you. The parable makes the concept so easy to understand. .
    Though I am not so evolved to see that aura around saints, but one can definitely feel the positive energy and vibration emanating from such people.

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  3. Yeeep! You sure can! And no matter how hard the ugly hearted and the demon invested people TRY to dim it, it still shines bright and beautifully. I see you have a woman beater on your comments. Relogging your stuff even. Any hoo yes the answer is yes. Sometimes our light disturbs other people’s demons. Take Chad for example his jealously of my light made him do ugly things to me. Guess he hoped he could dim it or take it or something screwed like that. Twisted minds lose grip of vines

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