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My dreams are mostly about me“.

This maxim may please be placed very safely inside our memory. Because our subconscious mind would like to guide us only regarding things and issues which would concern us in some way.

For example, a farmer will generally not get a dream about foreign affairs of his country or about far away lands unless he has great interest in them or he (or loved ones) be affected in some way. Another exception could be simple and pure clairvoyance; which again is a gift. However, in general my dreams and my allegoric symbols are mostly about me.

Dream: A lady of vitriolic temper

A lady in our neighbourhood dreamt that her uncle(deceased) has come into her house and is igniting a fire in her bedroom. The bedroom breaks(as against burns). She wakes up, very terrified.

This dream can have multiple interpretations. The uncle could literally be an unredeemed spirit, which could try to break the lady’s household. Here, some spiritual divining is essential to know whether such an interpretation would be correct. I could not get to agree with such an interpretation in the lady’s case. So I probed further and found that one trait was common between the dreamer and the deceased uncle. Both had very bad tempers.

The Uncle represented this vitriolic trait of the lady.

Here, the ‘fire’ meant ‘ire’.

Her subconscious mind was warning her that her terrible temper could ignite fire in her bedroom. The bedroom represented her relationship with her husband. The next symbol is very important. Nothing burns with the fire. Except that the bedroom breaks. Implying that her relationship might break. She must learn to control her temper.

A perfect warning dream.

The lady did not heed to the message of her dream, until she found that her husband was getting distant. The reason was her frequent outbursts. Things were close to breaking point. Then she remembered the message of her dream and immediately joined meditation classes, anger management classes and made it a point to change herself. Soon things became normal.

Please remember; whenever you see a person, please try to see the context and what he could represent to you. We will deal with ‘literal’ and ‘prophetic dreams’ later.

Happy dreaming.


  1. I have been following your blog for a while now and reading up on dream interpretation, meditation, the paranormal and I want to ask you some of my own queries/dreams now. Where do I sent them?

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  2. That interpretation makes a lot of sense. But it is really difficult for the lady to interpret. Most of all, I think, because it is her behavior she needed to face. And that is something we probably consider at last.

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    • You are absolutely correct Erika. Hit the nail on the head.
      This is precisely the reason that the subconscious creates dreams in symbols. So that we remember the symbols etc. Otherwise no one can listen to criticism.
      This is also the reason that I felt so much empathy for her.
      Thanks a lot for your very illuminating insight. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. β€’Because our subconscious mind would like to guide us only regarding things and issues which would concern us in some way.β€’

    And so it is, our own personal data bank.
    These warning dreams can be so daunting and strangely these are the ones one recall more vividly
    An insightful analysis of the lady’s dream.
    Thank you

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