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In the bestselling book ‘Prisons: The Six Secrets of Life‘, there is real life story of a person who has outdone most of the others in charity. Yet after his death he finds himself in a terrible place. Totally at odds with what he and the world thought would be his abode once he moved to a different dimension.

In a book written by a different author whose deceased sons describe the other dimensions to her; ‘The laws of the Spirit world’; the author describes how a man who had been very charitable finds himself being moved to a very bad realm He fights with the people in the after-world, yet he isn’t allowed entry into a better realm.

The obvious question is that, “Of What use is goodness and charity? “

Isn’t it better, then to enjoy and use up all you possess right here?

The answer is to be found

in the scriptures which provide the laws of charity,

through the understanding of the law of attraction and

through a deeper appreciation of the nature of the Universe, the consciousness of abundance.

The scriptural Law Of Charity states that the earning or the money with us should be that of ‘Das Naam’ or earned through righteousness.

Charity borne out of the wealth from cheating is as worthless as sea water is for drinking.

If you read about the life of the person mentioned in the “Prisons” book, you’d discover the nature of wealth earned by him. The guiding paradigm of his life was deceit. The law of attraction desires that “like be met with like.”

Hence the act of charity violated the fundamental requirement of wealth through ‘Das Naam’ or right means. Deceit has to be met with deceit. Even in the afterlife. You have to be attracted to a realm where people with similar natures reside. So did this person.

The act of charity or even of murder is meaningless per se.

It is the intent which is the guiding force.

The Omnipotence creates and sustains every being, dimensions and void. It does so with the all pervading power and consciousness known as the “Naam Kelah” in Punjabi language or the “Holy life force” in English. The fundamental nature of this super-consciousness is to constantly create something better, to constantly give.

This is the consciousness of abundance.

When our thought resonates truly with this consciousness through intent (not through the act), abundance results.

Therefore, a dollar given out of righteous earning and with the true intent of helping is worth a lot more than an unrighteous charity of billions or something given with a selfish intent.

Because purity of the heart has already created heaven inside the mind of the giver, outside heaven has to manifest even in the after-life.

A single dollar of goodness may well get the keys of heaven opened for you.


  1. So many who acquire great wealth, in the US and other countries, on the surface appear to be great philanthropists, but have acquired that wealth via their dark timeline pursuits. This dark timeline rewards those who steal ideas, exploit their workers, provide poor work conditions, push substances toxic to the environment and life on the planet, …the list goes on and on. And yet, these “philanthropists” are noted for the great libraries, they build and “leave” to the public, beautiful mansions and gardens, great architecture, and many such edifices. Unfortunately, like you describe here…..on the surface it seems like they have contributed in charitable ways, but when you dig deeper you find that the way they acquired that wealth is quite toxic.

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    • Very true. The Guru Granth Sahib says that even if you’ve earned great name and fame for your deeds, not only on Earth, but even in many dimensions people sing your praises, all is zero unless it is in line with what the Universe commands, unless it is righteous.
      Thank you for your words and your selfless work.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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  2. excellent topic!
    yes, the intent behind the action if paramount. from what i understand from reading the Gita, even good deeds done in the consciousness of ‘me’ and ‘i’ will create karma. the only truly liberating deeds are those done without consciousness of separate identity.

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  3. Nice read!! You are absolutely right that charity cannot ensure heaven for any of us but this is just a step ahead of this selfish life we live. If it can give a smile to someone’s face it’s worth it. Being pure at heart is what matters the most. We can try to be nice to others and do our share of goodness. Heaven or hell all is here until we are alive. My two cents. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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