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Shukar is a word from the Punjabi language. It is thankfulness, gratitude. When we say it to the Universe, ‘shukar’ recognises the eternal bond of pure love between the Omnipotence and us. An unconditional divinity.

It is not just an act of saying ‘thank you.’ Shukar is something which reforms our consciousness. Reconfigures it.

Research in the field of positive psychology indicates that just being grateful results in better health, enhanced well- being, optimism and positive changes in neural pathways. Some studies even indicate an increase in grey matter.

Modern science has researched much into this aspect. It has found that a consciousness of gratitude enhances mental health, fosters meaningful relationships, helps in catharsis and improves happiness quotient. Studies have shown hugely improved performance in athletes who regularly practice gratitude.

Research has also found that cardiac patients who kept Shukar (gratitude) journals for eight weeks reported better sleep, less fatigue, and lower levels of cellular inflammation even many months later. Importantly, grateful adolescents display greater interest and satisfaction with school lives, are more kind, helpful, and better socially integrated.

Current research also suggests that a when we say the word ‘Shukar’ with intent, there is an instant increase in Dopamine levels in the body. Thereby starting the process of healing and general wellness.

Marcus Tullius Cicero says that

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.”

Start your ‘Shukar’ journal today.

It will truly transform your neural circuits.

53 thoughts on “SHUKAR AND SCIENCE

  1. 🦢just being grateful results in better health, enhanced well- being, optimism and positive changes in neural pathways. Some studies even indicate an increase in grey matter.🦢

    Warm feelings floodeed me as I was reminded of this… just being grateful.
    Sometimes one’s joy is ripped away, and then Gratitude puts its arms around you. And even if that one thing is still making me feel sore, it aches and causes anxiety…Gratitudes warm embrace guides me into a prayer of counting all my blessings.

    Ah yes, a Gratitude Journal . Yes…Journal the parent. I love that. Camagu.

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    • My dear friend, firstly you must be one of the nicest persons in the world. I’m sure.
      How you write with empathy and kindness! A great gift of the Divine indeed. It is a pleasure to know you.
      The last two years have been tough as well as ones of great growth for us. Gratitude helps a lot.
      Incidentally, the above post is a small excerpt from my hugely selling book
      Prisons The Six Secrets of Life
      on Amazon.😊😊😊
      Thanks once again for being who you are.


  2. Very powerful blog. Science can barely catch up to what our ancients knew and practiced for thousand of ages, that consciousness is everything, all reality starts within. Look at the issues America is facing these days, They want to right to carry guns but live in a peaceful country. How can we have that? Live with fear in your hear but want peace outside?
    Your blog goes to the core of things. The inner sentiment must change. Will America ever see that?

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    • Thank you Monica. Your words are very insightful.
      In a world where violence rules, you cannot be the only one unprepared for defence. USA as other countries are bound to have a change in mass consciousness sooner or later. However. As my teacher would say
      “Only with some tough lessons.”
      But you’ll see that in this dark age there are definite islands of inner illumination. People like yourself whose souls have a much higher calling.
      That is hope and also a glimpse of the future.

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  3. Great reminder. I look forward to writing in my gratitude journal everyday. I’ve kept such a journal for many years, writing at least 10 things a day. Often the listings are just mundane things but I am reminded that with my history of illness, it is amazing for me to be able to take a walk each day. And when I use the heat in my space, or running water, or hot water for a shower or bath, I am reminded that many in this world do not have such luxuries. There is so much to be grateful for in this world….even life itself, the breath that sustains us, the beating heart that powers our body and brain 🙂

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  4. I liked your title – it is such pure science what good gratitude does for our hearts and our life. Shukar has a sweetness to it as a word – that is exactly how I relate to gratitude – it carries the sweetness and richness of life.

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    • How well written is that. Thank you.
      Shukar does have a divinity to it.
      Incidentally this post is a small excerpt from my recently published book
      Prisons The Six Secrets of life.
      It has sold well on Amazon😊

      Thanks always for your words. Somewhere you carry wisdom and empathy far beyond your age.
      Thank you.

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  5. Thank you for this parneet. It all makes such prefect sense. I appreciate learning of Shukar, it meaning, how to utilize it and the connection to science. As, always wise, compassionate, and informative.

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  6. Thanks Parneet. Shukar is such a sweet sounding word. You rightly said that gratitude is the mother of all virtues. We take so many things in our life for granted. If we practice thankfulness towards all of them, indeed we’ll appreciate how blessed we are !

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