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One of the most revered schools of ancient wisdom is the Rikhiapeeth School of Yoga in Jharkhand, India. The school provides knowledge from the ancient texts of Yoga, Mantra and Tantra. The founding seer often used his enlightenment of spirituality and occult formulated thousands of years ago to manifest remarkable conditions in people’s lives. The seed of manifestation he used was the power of Mantra.

I had the occasion to gather much knowledge from this place of powerful meditative energy.

They speak of a mysterious infinite power at the base of all existence. Of the oneness of individual mind and that of the infinite.

Through experimentation they are able to demonstrate that “Mantra” a sound, whether spoken aloud or subliminally, has a distinct pulsation which resonates with certain mental frequencies. Different mantras are able to radically transform consciousness as they create neural pathways corresponding to their oscillation. This alters thought and brings remarkable healing in all aspects of life.

In Rikhiapeeth, I saw mantras healing people of disease. Healing them of poverty. Using the focussed power of this sound these yogis are able to control even their brain waves.

The ‘Nada’ yogis also say that out of this original sound energy evolved the five elements, the organs, the mind and humans.

From the power of Tantra (an ancient Indian philosophy and science), I learnt that words become flesh and words also become things.

Each syllable we speak has a hue, a form and a circumstance attached to it.

Every day, we fulfil many of our spoken predictions and yet, remain in the dark about them.

“The world is terrible. People everywhere are bad.”

“Everyone is a cheater.”

“My life is so busy, I hardly get time to eat.”

 “I always miss my morning transport to office.”

I have to eat out every day. I hope I don’t fall ill.”

“People don’t work unless you scream at them. I have to do everything.”

Our very own spoken word, our magic wand creates these realities in our lives.

It is up to us to prophesise better, isn’t it?

However, most people are not able to correct their spoken word and what it creates substantially. They use affirmations, but things don’t really alter fundamentally for them. Why?

Because, the soil which generates their speech hasn’t undergone any transformation.

There is always a residue of unkind words the world has said to us; residing inside our cells and in our subconscious mind. Even the air around has that. Many times, our speech is subconsciously prompted by this residue. Either in words, an aggressive tone or in bodily cues. Unless this residue is cleaned, our words cannot attract what we want them to.

I learnt at the yoga school that our every time we express ourselves, we must necessarily allow only those words to exit the mouth which will create a better environment for us. Knowing that each word of ours will create something in our lives.

Unlike a sword which can be sheathed again, words cannot be erased.

May the Divine provide the gift of Saraswati (wisdom, speech and learning) to all who read.

36 thoughts on “OUR WORD, OUR WAND

  1. The Holy Scripture says that in the beginning of all things “God spoke”. From this original sound energy, the five elements, earth, fire, water, air and time, as well as plants and animals, and man with spirit and soul are said to have developed. In biblical times, people had no other explanation than to call this energy “God.” No matter what you call Him, He is the reason for our being there and for life in general. I humbly feel obliged to give great thanks.

    Thank you very much for your report and best regards, Gisela

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  2. I appreciate your post! Mantra and chanting are indeed the most powerful vehicles of transformation and establishing true connection with our spirit. It purifies our intent and our speech literally manifests our world. We create as we speak – affirmations are such wonderful tools for this reason. It is miraculous to discover this.

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  3. I totally agree with the Yogis. Even science is now acknowledging that not only sound, but also thought/consciousness has power over matter. And quantum physicians have found out about the interconnectedness of everything (entanglement). It looks like, from which angle ever people may approach the topic of life and God, they find the same answers.

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  4. Whatever we believe in, whatever we seek, we will experience and find. It is a simple law. All possibilities are out there, all opinions are possible. It is up to the individual which life they want to live in. It is up to them whether they want to live in heaven or hell.

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  5. This is wonderful. I have read about these concepts before (“there is a thinking stuff, from which all things are made”), but this is beautifully and powerfully articulated! The part about the mantras! Wow! 🤩🔆🙏💗 Thank you for sharing!

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    • Yes. These concepts are as old as our civilisation. Seers and prophets have often written about them as have new age writers who have the experience.
      The ‘thinking stuff’ I thin is from Charles Haanel if i’m right.
      The same wine in a millions different bottles, just to get the point home😊😊😊

      Who else but a great poet like you would understand.
      Thank you for your very kind words


      • So beautifully said! 👍🙏👌😊 Charles Haanel, ah ok, thanks for that, I was thinking of Wallace Wattles, same era according to wikipedia, and same publisher by the looks of it too (Elizabeth Towne).

        Though all of this knowledge is within if we take time to access it, yes it’s best shared in many formats, to make it available to all and thereby remind ourselves (learn one, do one, teach one). I love your posts, beautifully written, generous, clearly tapped in!

        Dear Parneet, I am humbled by your reply, and deeply grateful. Thanks again 💗

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