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The path to self realisation is thinner than the breadth of a hair and sharper than a razor’s edge.”

One can attain this supreme knowledge through discipline, trials and tribulations. Through the practice of deep stillness, of learning to empty the vessel as they say. The Sunn Samadhi of the deepest surrender.

But beware, greater amount of meditation is not equal to greater attainment.

Food cooked on slow fire is sweet and retains its vigour.”

In the same way, too much of meditation awakens a power within which cannot be handled by the initiate. Hence, he goes into what is called ‘Spiritual Crisis’.

The symptoms. Always wanting to be in meditative state, detachment with even the loved ones, not wanting to do the essential chores and of course visions, speaking in different voices, hearing voices and such experiences in abundance.

Such a state of mind can lead the initiate away from the spiritual path.

Nurie would meditate for hours daily. One day she told me that she was not married to her loving husband. Lord Krishna was her husband. She wouldn’t want to go home, be with her kids.

Some ‘saints’ in temples etc get into this state.

People look at them with awe and say that the seer has great spiritual knowledge. He speaks from God.

Actually, the spiritual growth of many such people has stopped. They are in crisis.

The Solution

Simple. Just stop meditating for a few days. Go for a holiday with children. Enjoy a movie. It settles down within a few days.

Then restart the spiritual practices. In control.

Please know this

“It is easy to leave the world and live without responsibilities.

The true mettle of a spiritual person lies in learning to negotiate the meanders of life with poise and faith.

Hope you all enjoyed this little peep into the world of meditators.

Blessings to all who read.


  1. Very interesting. So many of us are in need of more spirituality and we really battle to have enough discipline to be on a spiritual plane, that I bet I am not the only one who never thought about what it looks like to go too far over the edge to the point where one neglects duties on the necessary plane of the here and now. Thanks for another great post, Parneet.

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    • Thank you so much.
      My teacher would often show me people who were in spiritual crisis, walking aimlessly on the road.
      I was shocked that there were so many of them.
      Once he told me
      “A spiritual person cannot be a weirdo. He has to be one of better character and deeper peace.”
      I found this to be very profound.
      Your words are so heart warming. Thank you so much

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  2. This is such solid guidance. I especially value this sharing, “The true mettle of a spiritual person lies in learning to negotiate the meanders of life with poise and faith”. I am sending you lots of care and good wishes to you and yours as the new year begins. ❤

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