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We are moulded by our thoughts, becoming exactly what we think. When the mind of faith becomes pure, happiness attaches to us like a shadow that never departs.

Thankfully, a wondrous part of the divine law is that the super consciousness does not hold any prejudice or grudges. Compassion is intrinsic to the super consciousness. We only need to forgive ourselves and understand the message carried by the circumstance. Instantly, the wheels begin to churn in a different direction and our time ahead begins its march to prosperity.

I have met many people who go to temples and places of worship asking God for forgiveness. It never happens because they continue to live with a feeling of guilt. The truth is that they haven’t forgiven themselves or they haven’t learnt their lessons. They seek forgiveness while not altering their unjust ways.

Forgiving oneself and changing one’s course is the prime lesson which instantly starts building a new picture on our canvas.

Guilt hurts, it doesn’t heal.

Righteousness heals. Every time.

(This is a very small excerpt from my forthcoming book, ‘Self Realisation for an Atheist’ : A sneak peek for my blogger friends)

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