The answer to the above is simple.

Because there is no reality in the world.

According to a study, no two persons see the world in the same way. Each one of us lives in her own reality, in her own heaven or hell as you may say, with a very unique view of the world.

Because inside of us we wear unique lenses.

It is those which colour our vision, uniquely.

We posses deep inside, the same Omnipotence as that of the all powerful creative essence. We also possess the perfect super-consciousness. Yet we have an overarching free will.

Through the use of this free will, we create our own world, our very own space filled with our limitations and our wonders. This isn’t good or bad, it just makes us unique. This free will creates the lenses through which we perceive the world as we want to.

I met a person, a new immigrant, who was struggling. I asked him about his life.

There is discrimination. They won’t allow any immigrant to rise.”

When I pointed out that immigrants were holding great positions also, he just said

Sir, you are naive.”

Our views are not borne out of any study or data. They are just truths we create of our own.

Damaging, self limiting ‘truths’.

Then I met some immigrants who were successful. One of them said

It is a great country which values merit.”

The same place, two different lenses.

Every person has a lesson to learn. Nature makes us wear the lenses through which we will experience the goodness and the pain which are needed for those lenses. Just like the settings for a class of Literature and Chemistry are different, so are the settings for our life lenses unique.”

Hence when I tell someone that beyond this veil of limitations lies a resplendent Omnipotence, some laugh at me while others resonate.

Depends on which lenses they wear at that time. Depends on what they are ready to see.

My teacher once told me

When you want to inform someone of the spiritual truth of oneness, try saying it once, gently. Then once more, with equal kindness. If the person is not responsive, do not press the point at all. Respect the unique lesson she has to learn. Let the Universe teach her. One day we will all converge to the truth. Let that day and method be the choice of that person.”

39 thoughts on “WHY DON’T PEOPLE SEE WHAT I DO

    • Thank you for what you write. Our beliefs are again a function of our own ever changing lenses.
      I not only respect your position about the Omnipotence, but I also agree that such a belief is not essential for doing what is right. I followed your blog because I saw a quest, an ability to express from within.
      You deserve a lot more in life, which will come to you.
      Thank you once again for being righteous and bold. A quality which evokes deep respect.

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  1. Thank you for your interesting contribution, dear Parneet, with the term “lenses” I can do little, but I understand what you mean. I would call it different points of view, because every person ascends different levels of consciousness in life, but can also fall down if he behaves wrongly. Some are below, some are far above. Thus, each person has his own point of view. He sees through “different lenses”.

    No one should look down on the one below, but help him to move forward. We have all been on the lower steps at one time or another.

    Only faith in God cannot be proselytized, you have to experience it yourself.

    I wish you a good time and much input ‘from above’. Best regards, Gisela

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    • Thanks Gisela. Actually, we really don’t get to know about above and below. At least, I don’t. We’re all in a University, studying different subjects and learning our lessons. I agree with you that one cannot think of oneself as ‘above’. In the Guru Granth Sahib it is written that if you really want to enter the elite club of self realisation then the first precondition is “sagal jamaati’ or to know that we are all indelibly connected and are in the same class in school. A wonderful allegory.
      Thank you so much for such great insights at all times.
      It is a pleasure to read your blog.

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  2. So true. Everyone’s perception of reality is different, hence why there appears to be so much division in the world at present. Yet we are all one. Wonderful post πŸ™

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  3. You made it clear again, that we will always experience this world from the perspective we look at it. What many forget or even deny is that the perspective is a choice.

    At one of Wayne Dyer’s lectures I attended, he told the story of two couples he met on a walk. The first one said: We moved here recently. Can you tell us what people are here like? Dyer: What were they like where you lived before? Couple 1: Not so nice, rather envious and selfish. Dyer: They are pretty much the same here.
    Couple 2 asked the same and Dyer asked the same question back. Couple 2 said: Where we lived before, people were kind and supportive. Dyer answered the same: They are pretty much the same over here.

    It proves again that we need to be the change we want to see in the world! Whatever we seek, we will find!

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  4. Many great lessons here. At some point, I felt that the path was also laid by our very Self, the obstacles we chose for ourselves, the lessons we need to learn to make our way back to Self.
    I call it ‘pebbles we left to trace our way back home’. We just forgot.

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  5. Your title – I do ask the question during low times. And the answer is worth a reminder every single time. My teacher once said – We carry our viewfinder everywhere we go. That is how we see the world. I enjoyed the examples you gave to explain this. So much compassion and patience is important to know go into arguing another person’s reality. Thank you for sharing your teacher’s wisdom – Allow the Universe to teach. Allowing space, choice and freedom is often the best way of serving the purpose.

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      • You are very welcome. It is a blessed privilege to get to be aware and awake to this in our lifetime, it is an ongoing practice to be able to live it. It is helpful to have company of work like yours to stay true to that.

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  6. 🌻This isn’t good or bad, it just makes us unique. This free will creates the lenses through which we perceive the world as we want to🌻

    And then one day we will all converge on the truth…
    And this all happens in stages as the soul
    grows and mature…

    And a day of rejoicing it shall be.

    Such a wonderful post on the nature of free will,
    And our unique walk in life with Omnipotence

    Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Parneet, I certainly agree with everything you say in this informative post. My sister and I often talk about the same events from our childhood, but we remember strikingly different details. My sister is four years younger and has a very different personality. I guess those are two important reasons why we have such different perspectives. Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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