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The Bhagavad Gita (as other scriptures) defines a Yogi as someone who has transcended duality, realising the truth of oneness. The one who knows his own self as one with the infinite.

We see, hear, read about people who have meditated for decades; alone in wilderness, in search of the infinite.

Is that essential? Do only such people discover the truth and become enlightened?

The fact is that the Universe, the multiple dimensions and indeed even the void are all small parts of the one single overarching Omnipotence. So are we all. This Omnipotence is all pervading and is omniscient as well.

Hence, if I were to look for this great source of all sources, I would find it everywhere. Inside a cave, secluded in the Himalayas, in the ocean and of course right inside of me in my very home. It is my choice where I I want to go to look for this super-consciousness. Be it a jungle, a mountain or my own apartment in downtown city, I will find this infinity inside of me.

The essential elements for such a transcendental discovery are:-

The Omniscience resides inside of me. Hence I need to undertake a journey inside. The scriptures say

“Nau nidh amrit prabh ka naam; dehi mein iss ka bisram”

In other words, the power, the essence of the Omniscience is omnipotent, all powerful. Such a power resides inside the human body in a state of resplendent rest. (Hence the need for awakening)

The true Guru also resides inside of us.

“Shabath Guru, Surat Dhun Chella”

That the Divine power (not just the word), your own super-consciousness is your guiding light and when the awakening happens, you become the true self-realised disciple.

Hence, outside rituals, moving to remote places, oblations, by themselves are of no consequence at all as they are all in the outside material plane. Whereas the journey is one of inner enlightenment.

Thirdly, the meditations must be one of “Sunn Samadhi” or one of deep surrender. Not self focussed ones. A meditation which is carried out by the super-consciousness itself whilst we receive.

Finally “Sadh-sangat” or meditation in a group is critical.

“Where two or more gather in my name, I am..”

If we can know these four simple rules, wondrous things happen as the holy life force awakens.

Try it out in the comfort of your home.

Mat the Divinity inside awaken.


  1. Great point. And it feels to me that if we can find this place in the midst of being such a part of the busyness of life, it is even a more amazing experience. At a spiritual retreat I went to years ago, the teacher had us do something different than what I’d heard before. She has sit, eyes closed and imagine backing into this space. It was quite powerful. I don’t know if she was adding her energy to us and so it made it work more effectively or not, but I found it quite unique and helpful.

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    • True Katelon. In the Guru Granth Sahib there is a very beautiful verse which roughly translated says
      O my mind! If you want to be an ascetic, do like this
      Consider your body to be the forest(where you thought of going), then in deep surrender experience the awakening;
      Always great to read your wisdom. Hope all is well

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  2. Yes, Parneet Sir,
    You have given me an eye opener. Almost the same I have heard from Shri M., “..on whom will one feel angry, and will one feel jealous upon while meditating in secluded hills? Does one feel jealous with the cave walls or be angry with them, while meditating alone?”
    It is very much to be in the world, amongst all, and yet be secluded, to be one with God! This antithesis is hard to strike. Yet it has been with great souls.
    Thanks once again for the post.

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  3. Your posts are such positive reinforcements and an oasis of peaceful wisdom to visit.

    The most significant learning for me has been –
    It is easy to feel the presence of spirit when in removed expansive locations or then through elaborate rituals that give a sense of spiritual high. The true test of our cultivation comes in the way we conduct ourselves in our relationships. It is the householder who can utilize the skills that are incurred from a daily practice that brings insight, clarity and intuition. The results are seen in how our relations change, with our choices made in authenticity and integrity. The outer has to be used as a mirror to the inner.

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    • absolutely true to the core. Of what use is anything if it cannot make me a better person?
      The sentiment about wisdom and inspiration is deeply felt by me as well as I read every word you write.
      Years ago I dreamt that the true person of God will not be found by me, dressed in special robes, sitting in an ashram. Rather the true one may be found indistinguishable, standing in a crowd. For it is the conduct and character which is the essence. That is what I have discovered in your writing.
      Thank you for your words, always.

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      • Thank you for the humbled joy and your kind regard for my words. I struggled with this when I perceived being told that I need to remove myself from Life to achieve something, while having to live the dutiful life. It was freedom to discover that the opposite is actually true. You said it so well – True ones are amongst us in the crowd, indistinguishable – often overlooked I think. You are very welcome, I am grateful for this interaction.

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  4. While toiling in the hurried world I stumbled upon the path.
    Within this clamoring beseeching world I studied in search of peace.
    On my journey the Universe grew ever greater and the world ever smaller.
    When I became one with the Universe I saw the folly of man; immersed in and surrounded by the Universe, yet perceiving it as another place, and seeking it out as if a destination.
    I seek the recluse life on the mountain not because I seek to see, but because I see.
    I care for people yet shun the cacophonous false world in which they wallow.
    I cannot hurt their feelings by telling them that all of their worldly thoughts and dreams and desires are as good as naught, and meaningless to me.
    I smile and nod politely, and ascend to my summit.

    Seek peace,


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