Old man climbing heaven's stairs.
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Whatever our feelings, our thoughts, that is what we are. People with similar thoughts will in some way come together and create heaven or hell on earth itself. The universe has made our planet beautiful beyond measure. In this magnificent place when people with an affinity to crime get together, those places are turned into dens of darkness. Sometimes such places get destroyed with time and are rebuilt where different people begin to reside. The entire physical and mental feel of the place changes.

This is exactly how Heaven and Hell have been made. These are only dimensions and realms created by the ever loving unity, the Universe, in equal splendour. Our beliefs and thoughts do not reside only in the body. Rather, it is the other way around. Our core values create our bodies and mould them every moment of the day. When the body dies, the consciousness or life force or what some people refer to as the soul retains the energy of these thoughts. It is then attracted to a realm where similar thoughts abound.

To elucidate, if a person’s dominating belief has been in the infinity and the omnipotence of the ever present unity, then upon the shedding of the body she has to be attracted to a place where similar souls reside. This is what people call heaven. It is a set of dimensions where there is beauty and love far beyond our imagination. These are realms of peace and love.

Hell is also a set of dimensions where different souls are attracted. In such a realm, those very souls reside who had made life a living hell for other people while in human bodies. Through the basal frequency of their dominant thought, they are attracted into a dimension where there is no light, literally as well as metaphorically. It is a realm of complete darkness and pain beyond measure, inflicted by each other. A place where each hurts the other in quantum beyond imagination. Incidentally, there are also intermediate dimensions where souls of intermediate beliefs come together.

The point to take home is that there is no person who will judge us and flog us after our death. It is through my thoughts and deeds that I will determine whether I create around me heaven or hell while I am alive. What I have created here is what I shall see upon the demise of my physical being. Nothing else.

I cannot create darkness for others and hope to find light.

When I create light for others, it shall be with me beyond the physical existence, until eternity.

The answer to the original question is

Yes, there are multiple dimensions where we exist once the human body dies. I decide where I will be after I die. But not after death, rather throughout my life, I decide. By all my thoughts.

The universe cannot be cheated for it deals directly with the unmasked kingdom inside every person.

But it is eternally forgiving. Even if the soul is caught in a realm of unease, genuine remorse can give freedom. Deep vibrations of love sent from the Earth realm can also bring about such freedom.

Love transcends the paranormal, the realms.


  1. What a profound post. And yes, I believe that heaven is not so much a place but a state of mind. Perhaps it’s even one we can reach here on earth when we live in joy, kindness, love, peace and unity. πŸ™β€οΈ

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  2. πŸ‘Sometimes such places get destroyed with time and are rebuilt where different people begin to reside. The entire physical and mental feel of the place changes.πŸ‘

    Oh this is such a beautiful foretelling, or how activism should be practiced. It is an all encompassing journey. That’s the point really, how to establish the mental feeling because with this in mind it would change the whole physical structure of a place, the highest form of avtivism.

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    • I noticed over years that people’s bodies, including faces changed a lot as their values changed. Some, who were very handsome or beautiful became much lesser versions of themselves whilst others who were ordinary looking actually developed a strange glow on their faces as they dipped their souls into goodness.
      The inside must reflect outside.
      I must thank you for enriching my life with such insights and profound words. heartfelt gratitude

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  3. πŸŒ•Yes, there are multiple dimensions where we exist once the human body dies. I decide where I will be after I die. But not after death, rather throughout my life, I decide. By all myΒ thougjtsπŸŒ•

    And to think we can make that change in the twinkling of an eye, through our thoughts.
    It is a summation for all spiritual walks in life.
    The free will to decide. Many paths have given an allegorical understanding of heaven and hell, if i may present it like that in this context.

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    • yes, the allegory is definitely dominant in every spiritual discourse. However, from accounts of people who have had a NDE or others who had passed on, correlated with some of the scriptures (e.g the Puranans), one does get a feel that apart from the huge allegory, there may also exist actual dimensions where we do go once the body ends.
      The Sri Guru Granth Sahib has slokas about dying thoughts and how they are endowed with greater power.
      I agree with you totally that ‘summation for all spiritual walks in life’ is what it is. If my dominant belief system has been unwholesome all life, at the time of death, chances of a thought transformation may be remote, even with free will. Technically possible, but less probable. hence the need to lead better lives.
      You’ve given me many points to ponder and truly enriched this conversation. My humble thanks😊🎈

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  4. That’s an interesting point about dying thoughts. I shall take up reading.
    I’ve read some NDE, wuthout the voice of science constantly hammering them, these experiences give lucid accounts, they are real.
    So have you, thank you for sharingπŸ™‚

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  5. Yes, what we do now, might affect whatever happens after death.. but isn’t it sad that some people go through “religious” rituals and offerings hoping to find peace… I mean is a donation to a temple or bowing before the statue going to take you to a good dimension (heaven)?

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    • No Riya. Money and material things cannot transport a soul to ‘heaven’.
      These are businesses which promise paradise for a fee.😊
      Goodness, empathy and meditation in deep surrender are the things of essence.
      The scriptures very clearly write that rituals, ablutions etc have no meaning. A life of goodness, values, character is what the divinity looks for.
      Thank you for your very meaningful words

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  6. Very true. After reading the Tibetan Book of Dying and Living, the conclusion was simple: We die as we live, and we are born, as we die. According to this timeless book, how we react during the afterlife journey also determines our next rebirth. Therefore, the buddhists do much preparation for the afterlife journey. Excellent post, a very important post!😊

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  7. I was deeply touched and thrilled while reading your post, to find this concept explained with such utmost clarity and simplicity is a gift. I remember the feeling of liberation when it dawned on me that – this is it, where we are is exactly wher we get to experience heaven or hell. It is not a location but a dscription of a quality of existence. We are collectively and individually creating these living circumstances, unless we realize that this wondrous vacation we get to have on our miracle of a planet as human beings is our opportunity to realize what is available to us, the precious beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for an amazing post affirming and explaining various aspects of our reality.

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    • You truly have an awakened soul. I would love to co-author a book with you one day.
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      Thanks once again

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  8. An insightful postπŸ‘ i agree, one must take 100% responsibility for his/her deeds.. we can not control everything in our life, but yet there are many things we are in charge of and have freedom to choose, in this perspective life is a choice, moment by moment.

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