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“nemo mariturus presumuntur mentri” is a Latin maxim which translates as

a man will not meet his maker with lying on his mouth‘.

In evidence law there is an underlying presumption that a ‘dying man can never lie’ or ‘truth sits upon the lips of a dying man’.

Such a stringent law, the world over, which can convict a person on someone’s dying declaration is not based on statistical analysis or other scientific investigations. Rather, it has arisen out of the age old spiritual belief that thoughts at the time of death are very potent.

Ramay, my friend is a very successful business person. Some years ago, he was just an ordinary man. When his grandfather was about to die, he said to Ramay,” One day you will rule the real estate space here.”

Prophetic words. Ramay is today a leading developer.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikhs has some slokas about the power of dying thoughts and how they determine the future of the soul.

At the very last moment, one who thinks of wealth, and dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and over again, in the form of serpents.”

At the very last moment, one who thinks of mansions, and dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and over again as a goblin.”


The moments of death are actually a transition between dimensions. The dominant thoughts at this point, following the law of attraction, determine the next station of the soul.

Scientific studies have shown that at the time of death the consciousness expands a great deal (unless it is a sudden death as in an accident). In some cases huge right brain activity has been noticed in moments preceding the end.

There is a story about the first Sikh prophet, Guru Nanak who visited a great feast thrown by a rich trader. Many Pandits or clergy had been invited to this feast on the occassion of the death anniversary of the trader’s Father. It was believed that such food given to the clergy reaches the ancestors in heaven; in this case the deceased father.

When the Guru gave the trader some blessed food and asked him to offer it to a lion in the jungle, the lion began to speak after partaking of the meal. He told the trader that he was the father and had been reincarnated as a lion because his dying thoughts were those of eating meat.

The veracity of the ‘sakhi’ or such a story is not the issue. The point to be understood is about the potency of dying thoughts and how they have the power to shape the further journey of the soul.

So, how to ensure that our dying thoughts are focussed on the higher self?

Through building a belief system, a strong undercurrent of thoughts aligned to the ‘truth’. The truth being the essence of oneness, the Omnipotence as the all pervading loving reality.

At the time of death, the consciousness is transitioning between the other dimension and the body. Our mind, at these crucial moments is not totally in our conscious control. Hence, it is invariably the undercurrent of our deep seated belief system which emerges as the dominant thought.

Such an undercurrent is built in the years that we are alive.

Through the building of a personality rooted in empathy. Through meditation in deep surrender, the ‘Sunn Samadhi’.

Hence the need to build a strong thought system of love, empathy and faith.

May all who read be blessed.


  1. Thank you very much for this detailed presentation. Aren’t all thoughts directed to the higher self? Is not every single one stored there? At any time, one should be able to create some kind of graph from this, showing the tendency of consciousness, up or down.
    Important, your statement: “Such an undercurrent is built up in the years in which we live”. Some people ‘circle’ only around themselves, see only themselves and have lost all empathy for other people and animals. Others want to make a deal with God and are good church goers to ‘get to heaven’.

    ” Truth is the essence of oneness”. – A remarkable statement! But which denomination tends to the “truth”? These directions are all only worldly and thus power-oriented.

    Your contribution contains again many food for thought. For this I thank you again. I wish you a good time and God’s blessing! Best regards, Gisela

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  2. Interesting!
    No doubt, belief systems have a vital role in shaping our reality in life as well. They are powerful.. so Parneet, you are very right that we need to build a strong thought system of love, empathy and faith.
    Good thoughts and strong message!

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  3. I was interested to learn about the strong right brain activity at the time of death. Since the brain and body vessel are being discarded at death, it is interesting that the brain would be more actively pursuing the creative side of things.

    I liked the focus on developing the habit of positive thought, spiritual pursuit etc. as it certainly would lead to a more joyous experience of life and not just to insure more light choices in reincarnation

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    • The right brain activity has been noticed even in stroke patients very close to death, surprisingly. As you know, right brain activity also indicates a paranormal experience. If you’re looking for peer reviewed research, you could look up at google scholar. Otherwise a simple google search will throw up some stuff on that.
      The idea of this post was to illustrate what you rightly said; developing the lifetime habit of positive thought. Also, the scriptures say that even if that didn’t happen, but close to death there is genuine remorse and a desire for higher living, some redemption still happens.

      I do thank you Katelon for all the work that you do and for always finding time to enrich every post with your wisdom. Thank you so much.

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  4. Disturbing possibilities, Parneet. After a life of intense struggle for survival and now suffering from dementia, my mother is now in the terminal stage of her life. She no longer recognizes me and is not in a good state of mind. Her words, repeated several times, to my sister and I during a recent visit tells me so much of where her mind is as she faces death. “I’m staying down,” she said.

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    • I think Rosaliene that such ‘dying thoughts’ may not apply to people like your dear mother. They, unfortunately do not posses at this point, the ability for coherent thought. However, their lifetime of goodness is not in vain.
      My Father in law did great service all life. He also died of dementia. Very sad. However, various indications after his death pointed to his ascent to a wonderful realm.
      Also, our prayers definitely help the soul in reaching their higher destinations.

      My deep regards and prayers for your dear Mother.

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  5. This was such an interesting read, Parneet. I think everybody is at least once thinking about death and what comes after. And when you believe in reincarnation, of course, you also think about what the next life may be like. You may have had regressions and know about former lives, so, all is possible.
    I let your words sink and I agree, I too believe that even when we train ourselves in lifting us up to a higher consciousness to only have thoughts focused on our higher self in mind when we die, we are only partially able to control these thoughts. It sounds kind of logical to me that we may get a “preview” on our next incarnation of which the plans are already prepared. So, even if we led the life of a saint, only acted in kind ways and unconditional love, there may still be some karma left of a former life.
    Wow, this is so interesting to think about. Thank you for the inspiration, Parneet.

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    • Yes Erika, I agree completely. Also through our conscious work we can only do as much. The load of karma cannot be completely ended, because in this lifetime more karma accumulates😊, whilst the old one is not completely done.

      This is the reason the scriptures speak of ‘sunn samadhi’ or the meditation of deep surrender. it is only through the spontaneous awakening of the holy life force within that karma burns and we escape the cycle.
      As you’d know certainly good work is referred to as ‘chains of gold’ while evil is ‘chains of iron.’ Both being chains!
      How can I ever thank you for enriching every post and conversation.
      A pleasure to be connected.

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      • It is an incredible idea to be able to break the cycle of karma. But do we really want that? I mean, yes, certainly, no one wants to have suffering experiences. But then we would also be denied the beautiful ones. And it is actually nice to enjoy life “with all senses”. It’s hard to say whether my heart or my mind has just spoken here. I think this also needs a large portion of higher awareness to be ready for it.
        I fully agree, yes, it is a pleasure to be connected. Thanks again for these thought-provoking insights, always, Parneet!

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      • You know Erika, years ago one of my friends said the same thing.
        “I’m good here. Liberated enough.”
        After so many years, i really don’t have an answer to exactly the same thing that you’ve said.
        I suppose there is no answer. A choice is what needs to be respected.
        May you always find happiness and spread it, as you do now.😊

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      • It is a huge topic. And you know, I think it is very good that we don’t have all the answers. That way we do develop in exactly the way we are supposed to. This universe is one huge miracle.
        Thank you so much, Parneet. And I can only give that back to you. Blessings!

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  6. So precious to think of – what would be my last thought ever in my human life? Your post reminds me of a teaching I heard from a teacher of mine – Live like it is a preparation for the moments of death. And this is done as a practice in daily living – spend the day intentionally so as to be able to sleep a good night’s sleep with peace. Living life with deep authenticity trains our mind to be in alignment of higher truths, hopefully affording an easeful transition into and from the final moments. I feel grateful that you write about death, a reality that most often, for me too, difficult to talk about very easily.

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  7. I agree that dying man never lie. My parents used to fight a lot. Right before my father passed away, he said to my mother he was sorry how he’d treated her and that he loved her. I think he told her truth.

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