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No man can rise to fame and fortune without

carrying others along with him. It

simply cannot be done.”

Napoleon Hill

This very simple law originates from the fundamental nature of the Universe.

The oneness, the unity and the connectedness.

Since all of us are so indelibly joined by that single source from which each one emanates, there is no way that any of us can harm another without harming oneself.

Years ago, I sat with a great master. He guided and healed the world and the realms. Yet his own son could not be cured of his autism.

I asked him, ” Why is that you have cured people of cancers and your own son is incurable?”

He replied, “I am not the healer. There is only one source of it all.”

Then he told me something so wonderfully profound

In one of my past lifetimes, I was a spiritual teacher and my son was a disciple. One day I found him interpreting the scriptures inaccurately. I was angry. In my anger I cursed him by saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to communicate with people if he is to interpret the scriptures wrongly.”

I shouldn’t have been so harsh. I should have had more empathy because he was only doing what he knew. The law of nature is immutable. If I curse another, I automatically curse myself.”

Since I was a spiritual teacher, my words had power and had to come to pass. In this lifetime, he is cursed with autism, even though he is exceptionally bright. I am cursed to see his suffering, helplessly as his father. I will never forget that lesson.”

This profound law applies to every facet of our lives, be it relationships, business or health. Those who conduct their affairs by exploiting others, those who live by the maxim, ” Show me your money and I’ll see what I can do,” may prosper materially. However, they will bear the brunt of their conduct. That is given; through their own behavior.

In life, nature says, that the maxim has to be changed.

Give what you can. Help and enrich lives. Then see the wealth flow.”

Why curse oneself, when we have a choice?

Let all be blessed abundantly.

17 thoughts on “WHY CURSE ONESELF?

      • The timeline I reference in all my blog writings Parneetsachdev…..the timeline of Oneness and Abundance is what we are targeting a return to….the original timeline. Presently, we are on the dark timeline, ruled by and run by dark powers and all the propaganda and weaponry and dark agendas they have set up and orchestrate.

        The present Ukraine conflict is just another example. That govt. was put in place by the US and other dark players, via a coup. They have treated those who oppose that coup very poorly. I don’t applaud or support the military actions of Russia as they play their own dark game, too. But the expansion of NATO, against the original agreement that they wouldn’t expand, and the US especially that pushed for and supports all that is just as guilty. But the media is run by the dark so you mostly only read that Russia, or any country that opposes the US and the West’s power grabs for greed and corporate interest are the villains. There is no way to win on the dark timeline that is based in lies, power, greed, control, lack, fear, us against them, scarcity,…..it all goes against truth. The dark timeline doesn’t support Sovereignty, nor does it support Oneness and abundance, which was the original light design.

        We work daily to prevent World War 3, which is the target of the dark, to end the dark timeline and all their weaponry and power and make room for this planet to return to the light, truth, Oneness, serving the greater good, abundance in all ways, the original divine design.

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  1. nature says, that the maxim has to be changed: Nature knows. We should heed.
    Thanks for all these wise words. I feel you profoundly. Thanks for writing these lovely posts. I bless you and wish you miracles. xo

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      • Makes me happy you find some value here. I so appreciate you and what you offer in your posts. Excellent ideas I’m attracted to.
        I like interacting with this lovely audience. A joy to have one more follower. Be well. I bless you. xo

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