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Mary Jo Rapini, a psychologist and former nurse lost her pulse at the hospital. As she travelled through a magical white light, an immense love, unknown to her, enveloped her. She describes that words cannot explicate either the depth or the profoundness of the incident. Then, a celestial existence, who she thought was God, held her arm and told her telepathically that it wasn’t her time yet. She was asked if she had ever loved anyone the way she had felt emotion in this realm. She replied with an emphatic no. Then she was told to go back and spread love and empathy. Miraculously she recovered.

One Dutch study, published in The Lancet, set out to investigate Near Death Experience (NDE) and tried to tease apart causal factors. Hitherto researchers had tried to explain that NDE experiences were more likely due to cerebral anoxia or lack of oxygen in the brain at the time of death. The study found that NDE was not related to the level of cerebral anoxia, the amount of preceding fear or the type of medication they were taking (Medical news today).

The objective of this article is not to elucidate the scientific research behind NDE. Rather, from the standpoint of spirituality, what could be the objectives of such experiences.

First and foremost, every divine scripture suggests that the world of Maya or illusion i.e our material world perceived by the five senses is in actuality just a reflection of our collective thoughts. There is an ever-flowing, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent power of divine love which is the true source of all sources. This power has been referred to as Naam Kelaah, Chi, Rooh-e-illahi, Holy life force etc in scriptures. As we think, this invisible source creates our realities in the material world based upon our thought. That is why the scriptures say that the one who conquers his mind is the master of the world.

Ancient Indian sciences of Tantra etc explain that every thought has a hue, a shape and can manifest materially.

The material world is actually a veil which hides the true magical realms beyond, giving the material world the appearance of all there is. Yet the truth is the source, the divine power. Sat Naam.

NDE s profoundly reveal such a reality to the experiencer.

Many people meet their loved ones in the limited after-life in the NDE. This provides deep peace in the knowing that loving relationships do not perish with the body. I have known many people whose loved ones visited them in their dreams and even in the waking states, radiating harmony and tenderness.

Nancy Ryan, an atheist was hit by an SUV. She could see herself under the vehicle from afar and also ‘died’ during the surgery, temporarily. As she was uplifted into a great peaceful realm, the knowledge of a heavenly existence kindled an incontestable inner knowing of being indelibly connected to others.  Of letting go of the fear of death. Most importantly of knowing God, not as punisher or judge or as someone belonging to a particular religion. Rather as an Omnipotence filled with unconditional pure love.

Of course, there are examples of NDEs where the person’s perceptions have been frightening; being caught in deep darkness and unkind realms. These experiences also warn the person of the dire need to spread love and empathy in the earth world. To have a course correction.

It isn’t greed or jealousy that support the world. It is true divine love. The scriptures speak about this at length, explaining that the loving power of Naam creates and sustains the world, the realms and all beyond.

Research in NDE does suggest spiritually, that these experiences are innately transformative by nature, enhancing not only the experiencer, but also others who may be touched in some way. Such encounters reveal an existence of the self in the afterlife and that the current life is but a part of a wondrous journey to yet another level of the soul’s spiritual development.

However, we don’t need to physically die to experience any inner awakening. Scriptures say that a meditation in deep surrender, in letting go also awakens spontaneously and effortlessly the divinity within. Providing not only a peep into the true realms, but also commencement of the magical journey of self-realisation. This is the Sunn Samadhi! Effortless, loving.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own.

The author works as the Principal Chief Commissioner Income Tax. He has also written a best-selling book “The Six Secrets of Life.”)

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