Parneet Sachdev is an accomplished speaker, management consultant and an author. He received education at the University of Melbourne, Syracuse University and other prominent global institutions. During his thirty years of research into aspects of mind science, brain wave analysis, spirituality, dream analysis, paranormal, positive psychology, meditation etc, he has helped thousands on their inner journeys.

His first best seller book “Prisons: The Six Secrets of Life” speaks about simple spiritual principles which, in only ten minutes a day can change karma and help people to get out of their prisons of poverty, disease, relationships and be free.

This book is available on Amazon.
Parneet also works as the Principal Director General of Income Tax and has received many awards for his work.

His wife, Dr. Tanvir Sachdev is an exceptional author and a recognised researcher in Women studies.

His recent blog deals with mind science while is his hobby.