Born in the border town of Gurdaspur, India, Parneet, in his student days, lived in the foothills of the grand Himalayas. He recalls how the might of the ranges would evoke a mysterious calling, deep inside his young heart. From Engineering to IRS (Indian Revenue Service), the journey was rather uneventful, as he puts it.

Then, one night, he dreamt of himself in a country surrounded by sea. Within months he was in Melbourne, pursuing MBA, his goal since long. It was here that the enigmatic calling revisited. It guided him to venture into the domains of brain wave analysis, intuitive management; internalising knowledge even from diverse fields of spirituality, dream analysis, positive psychology, leadership and finance.

It was a tough period; twenty four hours appeared too small for a day; he felt. However, it was now that he uncovered a more profound meaning to his pursuit. The study; the dozens of meditative practices which he had learnt, were leading him to discover a world inside of him. A place where all his outside reality was formulated, by him.

He strongly believes that science never leaves the scientist. His earlier engineering training led him to research for many answers in the occult, the study of multi realms as a relativistic existence. Researching even lives beyond lives.

As years would go by, his investiture would pilot him and his family into healing him of a life threatening ailment, almost miraculously. This would lay bare not only the magic inside, but also the timelessness and spacelessness of the human soul; even the truths and errors hidden in the shadows of oral traditions of societies.

The School of Mind Sciences began as a partial culmination of the quest and exploration of more than 27 years. He has travelled wide, providing consulting, seminars, workshops on Dream Analysis, Stress Management, Self-Realisation, Mind Wave Techniques, Meditative Tranquility, Creativity, apart from practicums on his other fields of Taxation, Economic Intelligence, Leadership and Management.

He regularly lectures in some of the leading Universities, Corporates, NGOs and is on many elite panels. Parneet Sachdev also works as the Director General of Investigation and has received many awards, including a special philatelic cover for his work, issued by India Post. His wife, Dr. Tanvir Sachdev is an author and a leading researcher in Women studies.