A management consultant and a gifted author. Parneet has travelled wide and often addresses important fora. He also consults with the very best Universities, NGOs and corporates. As a motivational orator, his diary is always packed.

His education in electronics engineering, followed by an MBA at the University of Melbourne, opened a casket of further studies, research and practice.

However, it was the life-threatening tumour and a host of health and other critical issues which hit him like boulders. His quest for the passkey to healing began; guiding him to venture into the domains of brain wave analysis, intuitive management, spirituality, dream analysis, occult, paranormal, positive psychology, meditation, intuitive leadership, information security, finance, magic and much more; the practicums on taxation, economic intelligence and management notwithstanding.

As one after other miracles healed the unhealable in his life, they lay bare not only the magic inside, but also the infinity of the human soul; ultimately revealing the hidden Master Key of Life.

Parneet also works as the Director General of Income Tax and has received many awards, including a special philatelic cover for his work, issued by India Post. His wife, Dr. Tanvir Sachdev is an exceptional author and a recognised researcher in Women studies.

His recent blog deals with mind science while is his hobby.