In the realm of the subconscious mind lies an invisible world. Imperceptible only to the eye and trained in discernment. Because the discerning mind is aware that there is only one consciousness in the universe. It is that consciousness which has the power of thought and when it does think, its thoughts manifest as things and circumstances in our material world.

This consciousness, also referred to as the omnipotence is all there is. Because of its very nature of omnipresence, it lies as an indelible energy inside us as our subconscious mind. All minds in the universe are thus united as little ripples on this universal mind. This is reality.

The world of our subconscious mind is constituted of innumerable thought patterns. The truth is that these patterns and belief systems must manifest as material things, persons and circumstances in our world. Therefore, even though our inside world is apparently invisible, yet the fact remains that it is clearly visible for us to see the moment we open our five senses. Because our outside is nothing but a mirror image of the world of our thoughts.

It is therefore, no rocket science that as we change our thoughts our outside world must change to remain as a perfect reflection of the inside.

In the School of Mind Sciences, I regularly teach Deep Thought processes whereby we learn to access and reprogram our subconscious mind very powerfully and perfectly. Soon, health, wealth, success, serenity must begin to manifest in our outside world.

In, this series of lectures and practical sessions on deep thought meditation, this technique will be taught over more than 20 sessions. It is a result of 27 years of intensive research. Please know that the fact that it is being offered free of cost should not undermine its importance or efficacy. Because the greatest things of life are offered free by nature. So I am offering this deep knowledge as such.