In this blog we provide information and practical sessions on different types of meditation systems.

This page is about a meditation by the name Vibrant Celestial Meditation. Mr Kripal Singh Gill, affectionately called Bhai Sahib (dear brother) had discovered this meditation on his long spiritual journey. He had founded the World Spiritual Foundation (WSF), through which its various centers worldwide helped hundreds of thousands of people in their quest for peace, healing and spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, after his death the organisation could not exist as such and was disbanded. But a lot of his path braking work exists at various places globally. In this blog I will try to place his work as and when I am able to access it in different parts of the world. This first article is written by him.

Vibrant Celestial Meditation


Sri Bhai Sahib

A Practical Guide to

Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM)


One of the most significant attributes of meditation is that its practice enables us to utilize more of our minds. We usually use mainly our reasoning, logical, effort-orientated LEFT BRAIN with the RIGHT BRAIN, the Intuitive the more Creative aspect hardly pressed into service. Another name for VCM is Vibrant Charismatic Mind Integration, Mind Realisation or Rejuvenation. By this unique method we begin to use in a very effortless, spontaneous manner more of our dormant but potentially dynamic RIGHT BRAIN faculty, which unknown to many, comprises up to 93% of our total mind capacity! Hence the dramatic increase of intelligence, the IQ, of regular VCM practitioners.

Enumerated below are practical guidelines that enable an aspirant to undertake the meaningful meditation of a type that bears testimony to prolific references to it, as enshrined in the sanctified Scriptures of all the world’s Religions. Take note that true Meditation can be taken as the most profound form of worship enjoined by God on man. Hence, its correct technique must be found entered in the Holy Books of all Religions, which indeed is the case, but, alas not brought to the fore by the custodians of our various Faiths. Short Scriptural excerpts of this Theological technique are entered below where applicable.


My own research into Religion has shown that the technique to have the stamp of the Divine, must fulfill certain basic criteria. We have devised the following catch-words and phrases to define the process and its flow. For it to be genuine and efficacious the technique of worship/meditation must also follow somewhat the sequential order given below.

It has to be,

(i) SIMPLEand straightforward. “Kalyug Nanak Naam sokhala”

(ii) NATURAL, Inherent, Instinctive, “.. Kudrad laagei sahej dhiaan”

(iii) EFFORTLESS, Easy-flowing, Neryataan, Apnei aap

(iv) LOVING, LOVEFUL. If you are harboring any hates or hurts, clear your heart of all rancor and hatred. Forgive and forget.

(v) SPONTANEOUS, Involuntary, Intuitive, Automatic, Sahej subhaaeh, Achenth… and carried out in total and utter state of,

(vi) DEEP SUBMISSION, SELF SURRENDER and total Vacuity to the Divine within (Sarnagat), whereupon must arise the,

(vii) DWELLING OF GRACE, as a Gift from God Almighty – Gurprasaad, Mehar – resulting in an

(viii) AROUSAL or VIBRATION, which could also be termed as an Awakening, an Animation, Euphoria, Exaltation, or an experience of Ecstasy and Rapture – Rengan, Hakikat, Wismaath. This constitute the essence and the main body of the Worship/ Meditation actuated by the Divine within, resulting in time with,

(ix) TRANSCENDENCE, SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, TURIYA (Chautha Padh) leading to CONSUMMATION, culminating in completion followed by,


Any type of worthwhile Worship/Meditation, all aspects of which do not conform or tally, with every one of the first 8 criteria listed above, is not of God but usually devised by man’s own thinking and conjecture. If it is claimed to be received on high from the revelations of an Ascended Master, Archangel or a Mahanta, etc., but still does not conform to the 9 criteria enumerated above, then that “revelation” is not from the highest Godly Source, although it may be couched in all manner of other useful and even noble forebodings. Such man-devised systems or those emanating from Angelic or Deity sources may also bring to you certain benefits. You have to make your choice, whether you want to imbibe the fullest range of benefits or are satisfied with the extent of ‘benefits’ you are now receiving.

Another catch-phrase which can also very briefly describe the main part of the entire process is, LET GO AND LET GOD! This means that you deeply relax and surrender, thus enabling God to induce into you a format of worship which is then fully acceptable to Him.

Having outlined the technique, let us further consider other outstanding ancillary aspects and requirements.

  1. TIME: Preferably before 6.00 am, but if there are constraints of time, then any time in the day or night is alright. Especially in the earlier stages, getting up in the early morning ambrosial hours will ensure rapid and steadfast spiritual development. To compensate for a slight loss in night sleep, you may take a short afternoon nap when occasion permits.
    Besides the early morning session, another one before dinner will further help. The last session which can be of brief duration, is to be done just before retiring at night. ‘This practice will also bring about a more solaceful sleep.
  1. DURATION: Approximately 20-30 minutes at each session depending upon the availability of time. Since this form of Meditation is very vibrant and efficacious, a duration of more than about 30 minutes is unnecessary. Rather it may be too potent for certain sensitive people.
  1. FREQUENCY: Preferably twice a day with a third one of shorter duration immediately before going to bed as indicated above. If Satsang (congregation) is available, then participation in a Satsang group twice a week is highly beneficial. Meditation in a group more than thrice a week can sometimes lead to a ‘spiritual crisis’ through overdoing, especially if one adopts a standing posture to start with. Hence, this format of meditation calls for judicious rationing!
  1. POSTURE: Ideally, Simran (meditation) should be done standing, but as a neophyte, unless initiated or witnessed by a Gurmukh (an Adept) it is advisable to do it sitting down. There is no      need for a rigid posture but the emphasis is on achieving utmost relaxation. Assume a posture in which you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Prop yourself up with cushions if you so desire. There is no restriction to alteration in posture during the process of worship/meditation. Whatever physical reaction wells up from within which may tend to change your posture, your stance or your position, this is to be faithfully followed without any doubt or hesitation.
  1. CLEANLINESS:A preliminary bath or rub down will set up an environment of cleanliness and purity. If a complete bath is not feasible, Panch Eshnaana (bathing of the five) should at least be undertaken, i.e., wash your face, both hands and both feet.
  1. APPAREL: Wearing apparel should be light and loose and suitable to the existing temperature and the prevailing season.
  1. FOOD: Food forms an important item. It is ideal to perform Simran on an empty stomach then rather immediately after a meal. Becoming a vegetarian is an asset, but being a non-vegetarian does not exclude one to be a recipient of the Grace of God. Meat if it has to be taken, should only form a small portion of your overall diet. Take cognizance of the fact that in addition to the drossness of dead animals (the source of meat for man), the hormones that are wantonly injected into caged animals to fatten them, poses yet another hazard to health. So act wisely. Our body has been referred to as the “temple of God” in the Scriptures. Therefore keep it clean inside and outside.
  1. THOUGHTS: Do not attempt to control your thoughts or battle with the mind; it will be a losing combat! Rather treat the thoughts as a passing show, without giving them undue attention. Let the thoughts enter or leave passively. Just ignore them and do not dwell or dilate on them. Anything that is done to control thoughts or the mind, constitutes an effort and that is the one thing that must be assiduously avoided. Effortless spontaneity is an important ingredient in God guided meditation, which is every aspirant’s goal.
  1. EYES: Eyes may be closed lightly. In the beginning this is necessary but as meditation proceeds, one may be prompted to open them as and when you are guided to do so. But meditation done with eyes closed avoids extraneous distractions. At advance levels, meditation should also be carried out with eyes open to give us the necessary experience to keep attuned to God, even while we are busy at work performing our daily chores.
  1. ATTENTION: In actual meditation attention which in itself requires an effort, should not be fixed to any point in, on, or outside of our bodies. However, in an advanced form of meditation which is practiced with eyes open, the glance or look could sometimes settle on any particular object, as guided from within; but most times we tend to glance at more than one object at any given moment, with a sort of broad breadth of vision. Neither do we need to picturize or visualize anything; whereas these could be adopted to advantage at other than actual meditation moments.

11.  BREATHING: No unnatural breathing method need be adopted. Just breathe normally. But for beginners who have never before attempted to relax or meditate, and who may find difficult to ease off, a few initial minutes of slow, deep, rhythmic breathing can help to relax. It would further assist if you could at the same time place your attention on the inhalation and exhalation processes. In other words, watch very gently your breath going in and out. Better still, if you could split any Holy word you prefer into two distinct parts, such as, Jee – Surs (For Jesus), Waa – Guru (for Waheguru), Krish – Naa (Krishna), Moe – Surs (Moses), Raa-Ma for Rama etc. Synchronize the first part with your inhalation and the second part with your exhalation. This later practice will give you even more solace.
After some time of practicing meditation of the order suggested herein, none of these glorifying gimmicks will be necessary, because you would have learnt by then, how to enter the deep transcendental states, without recourse to the above preliminaries.

12.  ATTITUDE: Assume an attitude of deep reverence and pious profoundness. Clear your heart and mind of all ill feeling and animosity. If you have hurt someone or have in turn been hurt, remove all rancor by apologizing, forgiving and forgetting. Bring Love, Kindness and Compassion into the very core of your heart. You cannot expect meaningful meditation when you are labored with a heavy heart. Try to become light-hearted and cheerful by even artificially supporting a smile on your face, which will just as soon, brighten you up towards bliss.

13.  CHANTINGS: These are essential and particularly so in this Iron age of Darkness (Kali Yuga). But the mistake most Masters make is when, by misinterpreting the Scriptures, they enjoin on their disciples to continuously and unceasingly repeat the holy chants non-stop, during the entire time allocated for worship/meditation. The chantings should be a means to an end and not an end in itself. Best benefits accrue when one begins to receive and to listen as it were, to Divine direction after having glorified His name by the chants, and not continue chanting endlessly constituting a ‘one-way-traffic’, without pausing in complete humility and surrender to receive His Gift of an Answer. This answer is manifested through the ecstatic and euphoric experiences as detailed in numerous other articles by the author, which constitute real and meaningful meditation. This is why one of the Scriptural terms for Meditation is ‘DHIAAN’, literally meaning to Listen!

Wherever in the Scriptures there is purported to be a single reference to ‘chanting’ as the elixir in this Dark Age, there follows virtually hundreds of references to the dire need for absolute and utter deep surrender and submission, as a means to salvation in worship/ meditation, which is applicable in all Ages and Eras including this Kali Yup, the Dark Age. Hence do not let certain mystics and masters predominate their erroneous view on you, but instead make an effort to study and research the Scriptures for yourself, to receive the true guidance as desired by God for man. Mere recitations, chantings and kirtan alone cannot therefore raise ones spiritual development to ensure serene salvation and ultimate redemption. Mind you, all these mystics and masters are not frauds. They are honorable and God-fearing personages. They have at heart the well-being of the masses. Only a touch of ignorance mars their well-meaning methods.

  1. ETHICS AND MORALITY: For wholesome spiritual upliftment it is also necessary to cultivate and nurture good moral and noble ethical standards. Spirituality cannot grow on sordid soil! However, after practicing this format of meditation for some time, our morals and ethics will as a consequence also begin to improve simultaneously and spontaneously. As a corollary, sustained spiritual development will automatically draw us away from low moral and      ethical pursuits.


Once you have fulfilled the above requirements which later will become natural with practice, you are now ready to embark on this very special and supreme kind of Prayer or Simran/Bhagti, which can also be termed as Worship/Meditation.

While fulfilling of the above requirements may be adhered to for best results, please note that in emergencies or when in a hurry, you can put most of them aside and plunge directly into Worship/ Meditation, anywhere, anytime, even if you have only 5 to 10 minutes available to you.
It is worthwhile to remind oneself of the importance of effortless surrender in deep submission bordering on the verge of apparent death or what is usually alluded to as ‘dying unto oneself’. If you remember how you effortlessly lead yourself to slumber at bedtime, this is exactly what is done, but you do not actually sleep unless you are very tired. On the other hand, one is led into the super conscious planes in an wakeful and alert state. After some practice in these heightened states of awareness, our near miraculous intuitive powers of clairvoyance (Ridhi Sidhi) begin to become our natural birthright much to our surprise.

Remember you are the image of God and that your soul, the ATMA, emanated from the Supreme Soul, the Param-Atma. So obliterate your ego-centered personality and become soul conscious in a spontaneous effortless manner, as you proceed deeper into the realms of Super consciousness. When you are thus ready, follow the following further steps slowly and deliberately:

Besides the particular phrases used for the Mantra chantings all the other basics of Meditation covered below are applicable to all communities, besides the Sikhs.
Chant or just say the Holy phrase, SATNAAM SRI WAHEGURU a few times. Before undertaking any task, uttering the Lord’s Name invokes the Blessings of the Divine. Also by doing so, ones attention is elevated and lifted towards God Almighty.

Protective Prayer
If you know the hymn, “TAATI VAAO NA LAGAEE PARBRAHEM SARNAEE”, then it is good to recite or chant it, as this hymn invokes pervasive protection. It is necessary to protect oneself from the lower elemental negative forces, which are rampant in the troubled world of Kali Yuga, the Black Age.

Preparatory Chantings
Now comes the main part, the chanting of the Mantras. There are three Mantras to be chanted. The MOOL MANTRA




is chanted three times. This incidentally, is one of the most potent passages ever revealed to man by God. Then comes the NAAM MANTRA –


which is chanted 5 to 6 times and finally the GURMANTRA,


is chanted. This last mantra is recited as the inner promptings make us do so. One may ask, in what precise manner are these Mantras chanted. With deep devotion, love and reverence chant the three Mantras in kirtan form, in slow solaceful melody. Do not be in a haste. With long intonations and short pauses in between, sing each word spreading it through the entire breath-span so that their transcendental vibrations manifest in your being. As you come to WAHEGURU, WAHEGURU, the Gurmantra, if you have not already relaxed and submitted, then let go and reduce yourself to nothingness, a vacuum, with body and mind completely and wholly sacrificed on the altar of God.

Depending on your degree of submission and surrender, the NAAM POWER, the Divine Dynamic presence, which is lying dormant within, would be awakened and aroused, whereupon you will be able to experience the ecstasy and euphoria in various vibrant forms, including Physical, Mental, Visual (Visionary), Auditory, Vocal, Sensory and through all other ancillary faculties which our body-mind complex is capable of experiencing. It may surprise a neophyte to know that his rapture and euphoria (rangan, kheiddaah) can manifest spontaneously as Laughing, Crying or just Tearfulness, Coughing, Hiccuping, Salivation, Swaying, Trembling, Change in Rate and Rhythm of Breathing, Feeling extra Heavy or very Light, feeling very Warm or Cold and Benumbed, Vocalizing all manner of strange Sounds ( Vaajei Shabad Ghaneirei – known as “Speaking in Tongues” in Christianity) and so forth.

Note that the Holy NAAM Power, the Holy Spirit will never put one into a trance. Trance states are usually induced by the lower forces, except in exceptional cases like that of Edgar Cayce, the famous American clairvoyant seer. Meditators on the other hand, are always restfully alert and aware of the progress and flow of these strange but pious sublime experiences. Sometimes when one is very fired, actual sleep may occur in Simran but these occasions are rather rare. It may hearten and inspire you to note, that everyone of these ecstatic nuances have found mention in the world’s Scriptures. Theses are more copiously described in the Sri Guru Ganth Sahib

(S.G.G.S), the Scripture of the Sikhs.

Yet many a Saint or even many of the current and past Masters are/were devoid, or woefully ignorant and unaware of these rapturous states. Nevertheless, such Saints and Masters may be carrying out laudable services in their own spheres of activity. We wish them well.
The above reactions and experiences are tell-tale signs of the deep and profound cleansing process which must take place before a total transformation ( ULTENNAAH, PELTENAAH ) can take place, in our gradual progress towards effective eventual emancipation. As one advances and climbs up the spiritual ladder, these somewhat dynamic rapturous reactions, will slowly mellow down to imperceptible proportions.

Such rapturous manifestations known as “Nawai kai rung” are succinctly enshrined on Page 4 of the SGGS, the Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs thus, “Bhareeai mat papaan kai sung. Oh thopai nawai kai rung”, meaning, “We are filled brimful with sinful acts. These are cleansed and eradicated by the euphoric vibratory, reactive manifestation of the Holy Life Force”. Hence we must not leave any stone unturned, until we begin to feel the precious Naafn Rengan, known in Christianity as being “moved by the Holy Spirit”. The devout Sikhs religiously repeat regularly the JAPJI SAHIB ,, the early morning recitation, which incidentally includes the above pithy saying. Imagine repeating these beautiful and benign Divine instructions day in and day out, without imbibing or putting them into practice!! What a shame!

This then is the dwelling of the Grace of God, gift of NAAM, the Holy Life Force from the Divine, listed as steps (vii) and (viii) under “SUMMARY OF THE TECHNIQUE” given above. Revel in this ecstatic state for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is the ACTUAL SIMRAN that is being performed from within as the Scriptures validate thus, “AAP JAPAAE JAPAI SO NAAO, APP GAVAAE SO HARI GUN GAAO”. Accept this gift without question and do whatever your inner promptings make you do or utter. If in between you appear to have come out of this euphoric state and want to go back in, then gently repeat Sri WAHEGURU or SATNAAM Sri WAHEGURU till you plunge into the deep state again, when you forget about the repetitions and follow the inner promptings once more. At the end of the session, you may start chanting SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM J1, WAHEGURU WAHEGURU WAHEGURU JI, THERO NAAM THERO NAAM THERO NAAM JI, NIT NIT JAPIAI THERO NAAM J1, a few times and terminate by touching the floor with the forehead and saying a few Jaikaaras of, “JO BOLE SOENIHAAL, SATSRIAKAAL”, and ending with WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU J1 KI FATEH, as appropriate. You may then open your eyes and gradually get up and go about your daily duties.

The chantings of the various Mantras at the commencement and at the termination of the meditation proper, go well when performing in a congregation (Satsang). When alone, these chantings and repetitions may be modified to suit the prevailing circumstances. For instance, if you are going to embark on meditation immediately after your morning and evening scriptural recitations ( NITNEM ), then the above chantings and repetitions may be decreased or eliminated altogether. You could then plunge directly into the deeper state of self-surrender and carry on with the Spontaneous Arousal in meditation in whichever way it surfaces from within.

The arousal detailed above is accelerated in the presence of a Gurmukh, an Adept, who before you has already experienced all or most of the above mentioned states of ecstasy. He bears witness to your ‘opening up’ or initiation and thus becomes a catalyst (Gursaakhi Jot Pargat Hovet) in the transmutation process. After your vital centers have been opened into animation, which does not take very long, you will then be used by the Divine to bear witness, in enlivening other novices in meditation, to receive and experience these euphoric states for their betterment. You might well receive a pleasant surprise, at how in your presence thereafter, other seekers can be so simply and spontaneously enkindled into experiencing the stirring of the Soul, the Holy Spirit (the Naarn Kelaah) within, where previously it lay in dormancy and inertness.

For those Non-Sikhs who prefer the preliminary chantings in the English version, the above three mantras may be substituted by the following Holy phrases:



·  PRAISE BE TO GOD– 3 times

·  PRAISE GOD – 4, 5, 6, 7, – any number of times

until one actually surrenders deeply enough to begin to sense the internal promptings, after which these are to be followed in their entirety, as already explained above. When terminating the Meditation, the last two phrases are chanted with long rhythmic intonations. The chantings at the commencement and afterwards at the termination of the meditation session can be modified as appropriate. What is most important is the ensuing arousal and the rapturous reactions which obviously cannot and should not be modified by our own whims and fancies, because these Divine directions and prompting come over us spontaneously by the bidding and benevolence of God.
In place of the above four phrases, a more simpler and shorter phrase,



may be chanted/recited with long intonations for a couple of minutes, after which you should be able to sink into the deep format of surrender to the Divine within to receive the spontaneous, effortless holy reactions as already enumerated above.

It is stated in the Scriptures that only few and far between (virlai kehee paaeeai) will imbibe and accept this true and tantalising format of worship/meditation. Let us resolve and venture forth to be those few! Time is fast running Out Today, the hearts and minds of the populace is so filled with the oppressive dross of this Dark Age, which incidentally may soon assume alarming proportions, that only this Charismatic, Vibratory and Rapture filled form of Worship can hope to bring about the desired deep seated change in man, which all God enthused people aspire after.

The sick and wounded world requires many a pious pioneer. Give this ‘God-given’ system of Simran (meditation) an honest trial. You will soon be richly rewarded. Unless you are totally and utterly cleansed from within, you cannot hope to transform and change the troubled world from the mess it is in, at the present time. This obviously does not seem to happen through the current forms of worship/meditation that courts inertness and nothingness, simulating sleep, or by mere mechanical repetition and incantation of certain set phrases.

These chantings as afore-mentioned, are good preparatory pieces, but should not be taken as an end in themselves. The actual activity in meaningful meditation which paradoxically is effortless and spontaneous, lies much beyond the effort-oriented chantings, repetitions and other self-motivated doings, but lies in the rarefied states of transcendence right into the Choutha or Turiya Padh, the Superconscious Intuitive state. The closest that Science has come to decipher these states is what are being designated as Alpha, Theta and Delta states of the Subconscious mind. The states of Transcendence we talk about are even more complex and creative, which present day science or even the psychologists have not yet been able to fathom.

Most of mankind today are only capable of using about 7% of their mind’s full potential. This 7% lies ‘in the Beta range of normal awareness. With regular practice of this unique Superconscious Spontaneous Vibrant Meditation, the practitioners are able to tap on the remaining 93% of our mind’s potential. In other words, the VCM system of meditators are then able to use more of their minds to advantage. This is why the IQ of these meditators increases correspondingly along with their spiritual progress. You will also learn to bring your clairvoyant and creative Subconscious and Superconscious realms into your normal Consciousness, anytime, anywhere, for fruitful purposes. This is perhaps the first time that such a break-through has been achieved through true meaningful meditation.