Bhai Sahib Kirpal Singh Gill

Regular short cleansing meditations (only 3 or 4 minutes) can be done whenever required – at least one cleansing a day is best. In our day to day interactions with people and places we “take on” some of the negative vibrations which are present. Through surrendered cleansing we are able to have these removed in an effortless fashion. It is suggested that cleansings are done when returning home from outside, or whenever you feel the need.

When we undertake a spiritual practice such as VCM, which leads to rapid spiritual growth, cleansing becomes even more important, because the Divine will use us to assist other people, simply through the power of our presence. As our vibration is raised we automatically, without any effort, take on some of the negative energy from the people and places with whom we interact. This is a spontaneous form of Divine Service and we can very quickly discard any negative energy we may have taken on by doing a short cleansing meditation.

A suggested invocation for cleansing is…

“Dear Lord
We pray to the Highest and Purest Source
and ask, if it be thy will
that in the next few minutes which follow,
we receive a thorough cleansing of any
heaviness, negativity or dross
we may have taken on from our daily activities
so that we are left whole and well
In Mind, in Body and in Spirit”

Once you have made the invocation, simply relax, and surrender deeply for a few minutes and ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE the cleansing. If you receive no reactions, you may start to move your arms and hands in a ‘brushing’ type movement’ and then LET GO and see if it continues, this will assist the process of cleansing.

To complete the cleansing, one can sing the following UNIVERSAL phrase a few times and then give thanks for the cleansing which you have received.…